6 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Are you and your family ready to get out of town for a while this summer? Here are some ways to keep you and your home safe while you’re enjoying your time:

1. Put a hold on mail. A mailbox that’s overflowing and a doorstep that’s piled high with newspapers give criminals a clear indication that your home is vacant. Call your local post office and newspaper company to hold your mail and weekly newspapers. Most locations offer a stop mail request that can even be submitted online.

2. Pull those plugs. It is always a wise decision to disconnect common household appliances and electronics such as:

  • Toasters
  • Blenders
  • Coffee Makers
  • Televisions
  • Gaming Systems
  • Cell Phone Chargers
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Computers, and much more.

Unplugging these items will lessen your chance of having a power surge while you’re gone. Not to mention, your electric bill will be lower than normal. Even when those appliances are turned off, they are still transmitting energy. So before you trek, disconnect!

3. Ask a friend to move in (just for the week). If you have pets (or an abundance of plants that need hydration), consider having someone you trust to house sit for you. This will also add to the appearance of your home being occupied with lights going on and off, ensure that your pets and plants are being taken care of, and you wouldn’t have to worry about tip number one as there would be someone there to take care of your mail and newspapers.

4. Invest in a home security system. Having your home broken into is one of the biggest fears vacationers have. Most home burglaries happen in between 6 am to 6 pm. Yes, those are working hours. Just imagine if you had a reliable security company that alerted you immediately when someone came into your home uninvited. If you increased your security by adding surveillance cameras, you’d have a greater chance of protecting your valuables and prized possessions. You also have the benefit of being able to see your home while you’re away. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

5. Do not give a play-by-play of your vacation while you’re away. Never post anything on social media about your upcoming trip, how long you’ll be gone for, and any pictures that clearly indicate that you’re far from home. We all want everyone to know about the fun and cool things we are doing, but is it worth having your home broken into because you told the world that you were out of town? You can always post your happy memories that you and you’re family made after you get back.

6. Double Check. There’s nothing more irritating than being 30 minutes into traveling to only realize that you left the dining room pendant lights on, or your garage door wide open. It’s important to go through your list and ensure that you’ve completed everything before heading out; even if that means you do it twice. In the event that you absolutely cannot turn back around to secure these things, call a family member or someone you trust to take care of them for you.

With a little bit of effort and vigilance, you will have no worries when it comes to your home while you’re away. Happy vacationing!

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