5 Reasons Why It Pays To Have A Realtor Sell Your House

We see the signs every time we’re out on the road, “FOR SALE BY OWNER”. These are the folks that take pride in getting things done on their own and to save their money for other things but, what they don’t realize is that they’re house might have that little sign on front of their yard a lot longer than they think.

Having an Agent take on the task of selling your home is more beneficial than you think. Here are some reasons why it is always worth hiring an Agent:

1. They complete contractual related tasks you are required to perform. With over 12 pages in a standard contract there are a lot of dates and deadlines. Which include: inspections, walk throughs, appraisals, etc. There is no stress on you having to be present if you have children to take to school or if you’ve got a dentist appointment. If you’ve got a busy schedule, you’re agent is always there to step in.

2. They make sure you are covered when it comes to disclosures. Agents are responsible for making sure you provide everything you are required to the potential buyer. In Florida, you are required to disclose certain facts about the property that you are aware of. The agent knows what they are and will help you keep out of potential trouble.

3. They have access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is truly the real estate gold mine. Not only does MLS give an agent access to the list price and a few pictures, you are able to view the entire broker synopsis. That includes: flood zones, exterior and interior measurements, home vacant or occupied, and so much more. There’s even an area where other agents request showings to see your home that make the entire process a breeze. Not to mention over 10,000 people will see your home everyday online.

4. Your homes first impression will look better online. It might seem simpler just to pull out your phone and snap a couple of pics and put them online; but does it look appealing to a potential buyer? Your agent will likely hire a professional photographer or home staging company to come in and clear your home of exposed laundry piles and dishes and bring out the ‘Taj Mahal’ it has inside.

5. Their market expertise will help you list your home at the best price. This is accomplished by a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The purpose of a CMA is to compare your home to others in your area that are either: active, pending, sold, or withdrawn. They make comparisons based on similarities of: age of home, amenities, square footage, room sizes, and more. An agent is trained to understand the market. This gives you an advantage of selling your home for the most profit based on your area and, it helps you understand what a good offer is.

So the next time you think about DIY real estate sales; remember agents may seem expensive, but they tend to make you 15% more than if you were to sell the home yourself and they have the right insurances and knowledge to keep you out of trouble.



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